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Long time ago…

Geposted am Samstag 6 Juli 2013

It’s a long time since I wrote my last blog entry.

I haven’t much time for drawing lately and not many drawings I finished the last couple of month. So I’ll add some newer pictures I made in the near future. Maybe I’m able to write more again in the future.

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New sketch cards

Geposted am Samstag 12 Mai 2012


Three new cards. Two are art trades with other artist who wish the motive for the cards.

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New Sketches

Geposted am Sonntag 6 Mai 2012

I’ve done some new sketches for artist cards.

Oh I want to start a new bigger drawing soon but that must wait a little longer I guess. Till than I draw this little sketch cards. Better than nothing to draw. Who-s-the-man

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Geposted am Samstag 5 Mai 2012

Some new ATC Cards, the Steampunk one’s are for a STA at a forum.

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Outlines and color

Geposted am Montag 30 April 2012


The outlines are finish, now I start the coloring.


First colors are added, let’s do the rest. Approve

And that’s the finished version

witchi @ 16:46
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Sketch ready to color

Geposted am Donnerstag 26 April 2012

I found a background so lets start to do the color work Happy-Grin


witchi @ 21:00
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New sketch

Geposted am Montag 23 April 2012



I started a new sketch for a steampunk card, but I have no idea for the background. ????

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Some of my Art Cards

Geposted am Montag 23 April 2012

Till now I created about 30 artist cards.

Here I want to show you some of it.


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Online again

Geposted am Montag 23 April 2012

After some time the blog wasn’t online it’s back and I hope to update it with all drawings soon.

I started to do ACEO/ATC or in german KaKAO cards, it’s really fun to do and sometime a hard challange to manage.

It’s 2,5″ x 3,5 ” or 8,9 x 6,4 cm small cards.

Here I want to show you the first card I drew.

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Twisted Selfportrait

Geposted am Montag 8 August 2011

This was so much fun to draw!
It’s not like I look with the hair, I have not so much piercings and no tunnel piercing.
And the rat is just from a reference ;)

30×40 cm Fabriano paper
mechical pencils

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